Why Digital Marketing Isn’t an Option for Businesses

Why Digital Marketing Isn’t an Option for Businesses

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects for any business to succeed these days. With so many people using the internet to find information about goods and services, or just browsing social media sites all day long, it’s crucial that you have an online presence if you want to be successful in today’s world. We will go over what digital marketing is, how it can benefit your business, and provide some tips on how to get started!

Importance of digital marketing for businesses

There are countless benefits of digital marketing. Let us take a look at a few that show why digital marketing for businesses is so vital:

It can be done on your own:

There are many advantages of online marketing for businesses. One of the most important being that it is something that you can do yourself without having a large team or budget. You just have to be willing to put in work and learn new skills, but there are many resources available online these days where anyone with internet access can get started very easily!

Get the word out about your brand:

The most important thing about digital marketing is that this method of advertisement gives you the ability to put yourself out there and have total control over what message or information you are putting out into the world because any bad reviews can be taken care of immediately by responding with a comment or status update. Simply said, it is just another opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers!

It can help raise brand awareness:

Digital marketing is just what you need to raise brand awareness and get people interested in your company. A major aspect behind the need of digital marketing for businesses is that it can be conducted at any given time, anywhere with just a computer and an internet connection making this an incredibly useful tool across the globe!

Build customer loyalty:

Social media is part of any and all digital marketing campaigns and can help you build relationships with your customers which increases customer loyalty and makes them more likely to buy products again in the future. It also gives companies an opportunity to promote their business at no extra cost besides time invested into creating content on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat that will appeal to specific demographics (i.e., millennials).

Reach a wider audience:

In addition, social media and digital marketing can help your business reach a wider audience and market to new customers. It also allows you to engage with potential customers who may be interested in what your company has to offer. A lot of companies use their website as an online brochure which is most often visited by people at the beginning stages of considering a purchase from that company- not when they’ve been using or have been given said product for a while and are looking for after sales service.

Tips on getting started:

One thing we want to make sure everyone understands is what exactly digital marketing entails because when people hear “marketing” they automatically assume this involves billboards, TV advertisements, radio commercials, etc…and while those things still exist today in traditional forms of advertisement (the majority), a lot of business owners see success by implementing social media sites like Facebook pages and Google Plus accounts into their strategy as well. Not only will this allow you to engage your audience in conversation, but it will also help people find your business.

There really aren’t too many barriers when it comes to starting up some form of digital marketing for your company these days as long as you know where/how to look online (there’s tons of resources available). This is one area we feel like every person should take the time to educate themselves on because it is something that you can do yourself without having a large team or budget. So go ahead, give us a call if you want help getting started!

Basic digital marketing tips and tricks:

If you are just getting started with digital marketing, there are a few things that you should know which include:

-Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Over half of all online activity in 2017 was done via smartphone so if it isn’t optimized for viewing on different devices then chances are someone will bounce right off instead of taking the time to read through your site. This goes for most content creation sites like Google Plus and Facebook as well! You don’t want people clicking away because they can’t access what they need, do you? If not, make sure everything works smoothly across every device possible.

-Do not be afraid to start small before diving head first into this kind of promotional work. Digital marketing takes practice when building up your audience and it can be a very time consuming process. Being patient is going to get you much further than jumping in head first without knowing what exactly your doing because this could end up backfiring on you instead of making things better!

-We repeat, do not jump into digital marketing if you have no idea what’s going on. It isn’t difficult work but there are some basic skills that should be picked up before getting started or else everything will fall apart quickly. As we mentioned earlier, take the time to research how each program works and analyze every platform after using it for awhile so that way when something goes wrong (and trust us, it will) then at least you know where/how to look online for answers!

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Onpage SEO: The Most Important SEO Factors

The importance of on page SEO cannot be emphasized enough. If your site is not properly optimized for search engines, you will notice a decrease in traffic and conversion rates. It is important to know the most important aspects of on-page SEO elements so that you can get started right away! This article highlights some of the most important SEO factors to keep in mind when optimizing your website for search engines.

The most important elements to consider for on-page SEO are the page title, URL, headings/keywords, and content. The way search engines read your website is by looking at these factors in this exact order. We have also mentioned a few other SEO onpage optimization elements that are sure to help you out.

Page Title:

The page title is what shows up in search engine results as your website’s headline. Search engines like Google give more weight to keywords that appear earlier within the titles description; therefore you should put your most important keywords first. So, if we were optimizing a blog post for “on page SEO”, this would be the best structure: On-Page SEO Guide | Comprehensive guide on how to optimize web pages for search engines.

This is not the only thing to consider when writing titles. The length of your page title also plays a role in how you rank, so it’s important that your titles are no more than 70 characters long.


This is one of the most important search engine ranking factors that you must pay attention to. When optimizing URLs for search engines, it is vital for you try to keep them as short and sweet as possible while still maintaining their relevance. It is best practice if they reflect what keywords you’re targeting on that specific page, because Google will pass value from each word within the URL. So let’s say we were trying to optimize this blog post for “onpage SEO,” then our final URL would be something like this: seo-ultimate-guide.


Keyword research is crucial when it comes to on-page SEO factors. You should start by identifying the keywords that are most relevant to your industry, and then using these words within your headings/keywords.

So let’s say we were optimizing this blog post for “on page seo,” our H tags would be structured like this: On Page SEO | A guide on how to optimize web pages in search engines.


Another important element of SEO on-page optimization is content itself. Your goal with content is essentially twofold: you need to provide value while also targeting specific keywords related – so make sure they appear multiple times throughout your text! When writing unique titles, descriptions, headers & subheaders remember not only what words best represent your topic but also what words you are targeting for your SEO.

Internal linking to other pages on the same site (internal links)

This is one of the most important factors that search engines use to rank your site. The more relevant internal links you have, the easier it will be for Google and other search engines to crawl your website’s content.

When linking internally between webpages on your own blog or website, make sure you are using keywords in these links so it makes sense when people click on them! Remember – if someone sees a link within some text online then they probably assume there is something worth clicking attached to that link. So always try to include keywords whenever possible while maintaining readability & user experience. If done correctly an efficient backlinking strategy can lead directly to higher rankings which can drastically increase traffic from organic searches!

Image Alt Text:

This is very important when optimizing on page SEO, because it gives you a chance to include more keywords in the same space. The alt text is what shows up if an image isn’t displayed on a webpage – and since there are still some people who don’t load images, this can be another great opportunity for getting your targeted keywords into Google’s index.

Keyword Placement in Content:

This is also an important factor to consider when optimizing your content as per search engine ranking factors. Generally speaking, the closer you can get keywords to the beginning of a sentence (or paragraph), the more weight they will carry within Google’s ranking algorithm.

Keyword Density:

The last thing we’ll mention in this guide to the most important SEO factors and on page SEO elements is keyword density. This term refers to how many times certain words or phrases appear throughout web page content – and it counts for roughly 15% of on-page optimization. The general rule of thumb is that you should have a keyword appear in your content body at least once every 100 words, but the most optimal frequency will depend on how competitive certain keywords are.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is crucial when it comes to on-page SEO. You should start by identifying the keywords that are most relevant to your industry, and then using these words within your headings/keywords.

Quality of Images used on the page or site:

This should be considered as an on page SEO element when optimizing for search engines. Images can provide great added-value to the content since they allow you to demonstrate things explicitly, rather than through description alone. So make sure that your images are not only relevant but also optimized by including alt text and utilizing image name descriptors whenever possible!

Length of text on each page/site (longer pages rank higher)

Length of the page is another important factor to consider when optimizing for search engines. Google has said time and time again that they utilize page length as a ranking signal because it indicates how in-depth & useful the content on your website is, which also goes hand-in-hand with relevance! If you can produce pages of high quality long form text then this will prove to be beneficial for organic rankings. So take some time writing out detailed blog posts or articles if possible, especially if there are keywords that would benefit from additional context beyond just a few words.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of factors to consider when optimizing for search engine ranking factors, and it takes time & effort to do so correctly. You can’t just pick some keywords from a list and throw them into your website’s content – but if you take the right approach with an eye towards quality, these strategies will pay off in both traffic increases as well as higher rankings!

More about optimizing websites:

The right approach when optimizing websites for search engines is to do so with an eye towards quality. Knowing how many times certain keywords should appear within content, in what order they should be placed and the overall length of web page content are all key factors that must be considered when working on your SEO strategy.

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Increase Engagement on Instagram in 2021

Are you struggling to gain engagement on Instagram? With the new updates on Instagram every week, brands need to constantly keep up with the trends to satisfy their audiences, which can be overwhelming for you. But you are not alone on this journey. So BON VOYAGE!

In this post, we’re sharing 5 ways to level up your Instagram game and get better engagement in 2021.

For the time being, marketers’ favorite social media platform is Instagram. It’s easy to understand why, given that it’s used by 13% of the world’s population, with 80% of the following companies. Consumer involvement, as measured by likes, shares, and comments, is also off the charts, according to Oberlo, with a rate of 4.21 percent. That’s ten times more than Facebook, 54 times more than Pinterest, and ten times more than Twitter.

In spite of such impressing figures, brands still struggle to get the attention they desire due to their failing marketing tactics. That’s why we have put together the 4 most important tips to ensure your organic posting continues to hit the mark and your brand is still on top of the game.

Let’s get started:

  • Have a visually consistent feed
  • Pay more attention to Instagram Reels
  • Host an Instagram Contest/ Giveaway
  • Embrace Instagram stories



Instagram is a social media network that promotes visually appealing content.

Your Instagram feed is the first thing your profile visitors notice when they land on your page s the saying goes “First Impression is the last impression”.

According to WebDam social media research, 60 percent of the best-performing Instagram companies maintain a consistent appearance across all their posts. The appearance of your profile should be consistent with your business identity and appealing to the desired target audience.

Here’s how you can create a cohesive and aesthetic Instagram feed:

  • Choose your Aesthetic:

The first step in creating your Instagram Feed is deciding the aesthetic of your profile. Do you prefer a pastel aesthetic or a dark and warm theme? A great way of finding your aesthetic is by looking at your favorite accounts for inspiration.

These are some of the best-looking feeds for us created by some brands.


You can also take a look at some of your favorite celebs on Instagram, for example Ariana Grande. She has followed a polaroid aesthetic with hues of black, white, and purple maintaining the in all her posts.


Colors, typefaces, and textures from your business may all contribute to a distinct and compelling Instagram style. Once you have figured out the aesthetics for your brand, you can create a mood board to bring the idea to life. A great way to do this is by taking inspiration from Pinterest.

  • Finding the type of content:

Once you decide on the aesthetics of your feed, the next step is to start implementing the type of content you will be posting. Is it stock images or videos or is it user-generated content? It all comes down to the goals of the brand.


For example, ave a look at Glossier’s Instagram tactics. They’ve become a social media sensation because of their feminine style and love of natural beauty. Glossier has the same attitude as the millennials who use their products: no supermodel photoshoots, just iPhone pictures, and boomerangs. Glossier’s signature shade of washed-out pink, now called Glossier pink, pictures of diverse women, minimalist makeup looks and dewy skin, and the millennial voice have all contributed to the brand’s success.

  • Plan your Feed-in Advance:

Once you have decided on the aesthetics and the type of content, the next step is to think about how your feed as a whole will look. You should also make sure your feed is aesthetically appealing and not overly repetitive. Experimenting with different compositions — placing more convoluted pictures next to more minimalistic photos to mix things up a little — is a smart method to achieve this.

If you’re a company selling items on Instagram, you may accomplish this by alternating product images with user-generated content posts, lifestyle photos, or any other sort of material you want to share.

There are certain apps available to make your life easier. For example, UNUM is an all-in-one designer tool where you can organize your posts and visually see how harmonic the images in your feed will look like.



This Instagram feature has been out for a quite long time. With Tik Tok becoming immensely popular, Instagram has shifted its focus to videos. “Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all the major platforms right now and it’s one that I think we need to lean into more,” said Mosseri, the Facebook executive in charge of Instagram. “We are no longer a photo-sharing app.”

Things change quickly in today’s digital environment. Trends burst out of nowhere, and the companies, influencers, and artists who get in on the ground floor reap the benefits. Keeping up with customer expectations is critical for your company’s relevance – and profitability – especially if your target market comprises millennials and Gen Z.

Instagram’s TikTok-like feature allows users to quickly share tips, teach, inspire, sympathize, and interact. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a big-name company to be noticed or go viral.

Allow yourself to be creative and use your Instagram reels to demonstrate your brand’s authenticity. For Example, you can show a behind-the-scenes of a product or service. Have a look at Netflix promoting Outer Banks’ new season in a unique way.

Instagram Reels may be a wonderful place to showcase your company, from short tutorials to introducing your team to teaser product videos.

If Reels aren’t on your radar, it’s time to reconsider your social media approach.


Unless you have an army of dedicated followers, it may be difficult to cut through the noise, whether you’re a small company owner or a marketer. Fortunately, you can conduct a successful Instagram giveaway to quickly achieve your goals.

If you own a small firm, it’s more probable that your brand isn’t well-known, therefore you haven’t yet attracted many consumers. As a result, it’s critical to increase brand recognition. People love free stuff, so holding an Instagram giveaway is a tried-and-true method to capture your target audience’s attention and spread the news about your business. You may also encourage your participants to tag their friends in the comments, which will increase visibility, therefore increasing organic reach and attracting more interested people, who will eventually become your followers or customers. This also helps in increasing user engagement and gain more followers.

Take “The Klog” for example, collaborated with @thenimetyou to attract more users and create a buzz around their giveaways. In a few hours, they got 500+ likes and 200+ comments.



To stand out from the crowd of rivals vying for the same target audience’s attention, organize Instagram freebies, which provide several advantages for small companies when done correctly. There variety of reasons to try them out, ranging from drawing new followers to increasing eCommerce sales.



With 500 million daily users, Instagram stories have become the most popular feature on the platform.

You may use Stories to create a collage of images of a single post that will be deleted after 24 hours. However, their advantages might endure far longer in terms of your reach and engagement rates, increasing your chances of being included in the Explore area and gaining new followers in the process. Using stories may help your business appear more genuine and approachable, as well as generate a feeling of urgency.

Posting a story is a great opportunity to take a break from your meticulously managed, on-brand feed and show off another aspect of yourself and business .It’s a perfect combination of freedom, humor, and serendipity. It’s an opportunity for your audience to learn more about the individuals behind the beautiful-curated feed your fans already adore.

You can also show a sneak peek of your new product, product information, location, or also user-generated content.



Continue to examine fresh stuff. It is never too late to attempt something new. It is always preferable to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. While there is no question that Instagram and social media marketing in Abu Dhabi are competitive, there are a lot of creative methods to increase your Instagram engagement.

The “You Deserve Better” Ad Campaign by WIX – The Most Epic Fail in the History of Failures!

The world has seen many marketing campaigns that were tacky, unthoughtful or not just up to the mark. However this one particular ad campaign by the popular web developer company, WIX may have left all the others behind and raised the bar higher for all the poor marketers out there. Not only does the latest marketing campaign by WIX known as “You Deserve Better” fail to attract the new consumers to its platform but also receive a very negative response and a considerable amount of backlash from the web developer community that WIX was trying to appeal to in the first place.

Nonetheless, the question arises what did the WIX exactly do to aggravate so many people around the world, especially the web developers and content specialists?

It all started when the WIX started targeting a fellow web developer site, and not just any site but the one that houses more than 60% of all the sites on the internet! With a huge global fan base and a reputation for being the best open source CMS platform for the web developers out there, WordPress has successfully earned the trust and loyalty of its consumers with more than half of the web developers in the world using it to design their sites. Targeting it to earn new consumers was a bad idea that flopped at the first go and the company received a great deal of backlash from its focal audience.

The campaign starts with the company sending out expensive BOSE headphones to famous WordPress users influencers in order to sway them. The packaging was sent with a QR code that was linked to a bizarre video showing a man in a brown blazer personifying WordPress and warning the people of a fake news that is being spread against the WordPress. This caused a lot of confusion among the people.

Later on, the company broadcasted a series of adverts under the campaign “You Deserve Better” in which it targeted the various flaws of WordPress rather than promoting their own brand or showcasing new features. This was met with a lot of criticism. Some even called it cheap advertising, bribing and tacky marketing tactics with tasteless motifs. One video in particular, depicting how bad WordPress is for mental health, ignited anger among the WordPress users.

Suffice to say, the anti WordPress campaign led by Wix was a total flop that backfired badly and damaged the already poor reputation of the company.

What happened was that WIX failed to recognize its own shortcomings. Rather than focusing on improving its own features, the company targeted a company that had users all across the globe who are loyal and satisfied.

Wix representative Maya Gril said the campaign is part of the company’s “initiative to connect with an audience that doesn’t think or know that Wix applies to their needs.”

On asking about the real point that the company was trying to make with this campaign,  she compared using WordPress to that of being stuck in a bad relationship.

“The campaign shows in a clever way that WordPress users don’t need to be stuck in a bad relationship with their platform and they should consider the alternative which allows them to focus on their actual work,” Gril said. “Each video in the campaign revolves around user pain points, which also highlight Wix’s strengths.”

The campaign not only met disapproval from the professional web developers and WordPress users, but even the WordPress’ founder Matt Mullenweg took to his personal blog and  responded to the campaign with:

“I have a lot of empathy for whoever was forced to work on these ads, including the actors, it must have felt bad working on something that’s like Encyclopedia Britannica attacking Wikipedia. WordPress is a global movement of hundreds of thousands of volunteers and community members, coming together to make the web a better place. The code, and everything you put into it, belongs to you, and its open source license ensures that you’re in complete control, now and forever.”

5 Tips to Help You Make a Great Ad for Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social sites on the internet with over 2.80 billion monthly active users and 1.84 billion users who visit the site on a daily basis. According to a study, more than 4.8 million comments, photos, posts and status updates are shared every minute on Facebook!

With such a large audience and a global network of more than 59% of social media users on the internet, it is only smart to use this platform as a means for business, sales and marketing. This is a great place to connect with your target audience and generate leads that could convert into impressive revenues for your business.

However, this is only possible when you are able to make relevant ad posts for Facebook that appeal to your clientele and communicate your business prospects in a clear and engaging manner.

The fact that Facebook brought in $27.2 billion in ad revenue in Q4 2020 makes this all the more significant and worthwhile! Here are 5 tips that can help you create a perfect Facebook ad post for your brand.

Recognize Your Goals

Before creating an ad post for Facebook, make sure that you identify the reasons that fuel your actions. You need to ask yourself “Why do you want to create this ad?”. Whether it is to increase sales, generate leads, enhance conversions or improve brand engagement, knowing your goal would help you create a more successful ad campaign for your brand on Facebook.

Use Valuable Content

No one likes to read lengthy posts. Same goes for the Facebook ads. Your content must be easy to understand, simple and relevant. It must communicate your brand idea clearly to your audience and make a point that reaches your client base successfully.

Attract Your Audience

The best way to grab the attention of your audience on Facebook is to add bright, quirky and relevant images, graphics and illustration in your ad posts. This will naturally attract more people and compel them to have a read at least!

A Powerful Call to Action is a Must!

An eye catching headline, a relevant content and a powerful call to action are what make a successful ad post for Facebook. Without an intriguing call to action, your consumers won’t know what to do next or how to engage with your brand. Link your ad to a relevant landing page in order to get the most conversions.

Get an Insight on Your Audience

The ad manager option on Facebook allows you to understand your audience by helping you get a peek into what kind of posts they engage with, what brands they follow and what they search about. It provides the demographics that might help you create the perfect and the most relevant ad post for Facebook.

Use these 5 basic tricks to market your products and services in the best way possible using the top social media platform on the internet.

SEO vs PPC – The Perfect Way to Generate Better Leads

Generating successful leads that convert to amazing revenues and higher ROIs is actually quite a challenging task. Especially when you have a limited budget and want to make the most out of every dollar that you have.

There are many ways to maximize your investment and increase traffic on your sites. Two of these methods, known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC and SEO or Search Engine Optimization, are quite popular and are being widely used to generate higher leads and increase traffic and sales on online websites. However, people usually get confused on which of these methods to use in order to gain better outputs.

Let’s talk about how SEO is different from the PPC and what are their respective pons and cons to give you a clear insight on the topic.

The Main Difference

SEO is a method that helps you rank higher on Google and acquire organic traffic that helps you generate higher revenues. These listings are not sponsored and are purely made on the basis of Google algorithms and online trends.

On the other hand, PPC is a sponsored way of getting more leads through paid advertisement that ranks you higher on the Google search results for the relevant keywords.

The question arises which one of these two is a better option to go for your business promotion and online marketing!!

The Pros and Cons of SEO

There are many advantages of SEO. SEO lasts for a long time. You are not paying Google to rank higher on the internet. As long as your content is optimized as per the Google algorithm requirements, the site is going to get traffic. Similarly, these organic listings that are achieved through SEO bring in much higher revenues and ROIs than the paid ones.

On the contrary, SEO is a time consuming method that requires a great deal of work and time in order to work. There is no overnight success in this domain. Moreover, you still won’t be able to control SEO completely. It depends upon the Google algorithms, logistics and trends and you might not always get the results that you want.

The Pros and Cons of PPC

On the other hand, PPC is considerably faster and may produce results quickly. With PPC you are always in full control. You can always choose to advertise or promote specific products or services. Moreover, you can test different strategies with PPC campaigns to find out which ones work the best for your brand. This also allows you to follow up your clients through retargeting.

However, PPC is a very expensive method to gain traffic. The company will have to pay each time someone clicks on the advertisement and the cost may differ from anywhere between 2$ and 200$ each time.

The experts suggest that the companies should use both the methods coexisting to drive their revenues and generate successful leads. Each campaign would fuel the other leading to successful traffic returns on your sites.

5 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites For Better Leads

According to a recent survey, around 38 million people visit Zillow every day! That is because people like to browse the internet to search for real estate and property listings. A large number of tenants and buyers use the web to find their dream homes at ideal locations. This is not only convenient, but incredibly effective as well. With a wide variety of options to choose from, the buyers can quickly find what they are looking for.

For a real estate company, a website is not just a digital identity, but a marketing platform that can help you generate successful leads and find potential clients. You can lose quite a large number of following if your website is outdated or doesn’t meet the standards of your target audience.

Here are 5 tips that can help the real estate companies and proprietors improve their company website and drive higher traffic and revenues ultimately.

Do Not Add a Lot of Pop Ups

A website that has a lot of pop ups and ads can annoy its visitors. They are more likely to leave your website if it is very spammy or has a lot of pop ups right after the client visits your site and has a chance to learn about your company.

On the one hand, these pop ups are a great way to convert potential leads into customers through newsletter and email subscriptions. However, a study revealed that more than 68% of searchers want to block a site due to a lot of ads.

Try optimizing your website to display pop ups on the right time at the right moment. That is when your website will generate the maximum number of leads.

Create a Blog

Researchers found out that you are likely to get 55% more leads if you have a blog on your site. These blogs help you connect to your audience and capture their attention through relevant and fresh content. Your sole purpose is to drive traffic and a blog can help bring potential clients to your site.

One great way to start a blog is to write on topics that your clients ask you related to real estate properties, tenancy and leases and listings. The more relevant your content is, the higher chances you have to drive better traffic.

Use Animations and Video Graphics

A boring website can do your business more harm than good. People like to engage with brands and companies that can manage to capture their attention. This can be done by adding some interesting graphics, transitions and animations in your website. However, do not make these too flashy or annoying.

Similarly, videos are a great way to showcase your property listings to your clients. This is because people love to know what they are getting into. A virtual tour of the house, neighborhood and nearby area can help you engage your audience and get better enquiries – more than 400% additional inquiries, according to a recent study.

Optimize your Content

People can not buy from you if they can not find your website. You must make sure that your site can be easily found out on the internet. This can be done through search engine optimization. A website that ranks higher on Google sells more and drives higher organic traffic.

An SEO specialist can help you optimize your website to make it more Google friendly and relevant to your potential clients and customers.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive and User Friendly

A website that is difficult to navigate with a bad user interface will annoy and frustrate your visitors. The clients are more likely to leave your site if your site fails to capture their interest and drive them away before they reach the landing page.

Make sure that your site is responsive and can be navigated on multiple devices. Moreover, a site that is too crammed up and difficult to use will only decrease the number of leads that would ultimately affect your revenues and ROI.

A website is your biggest tool that can easily become a revenue generating upstream if it is properly maintained and optimized to drive more organic traffic and sales conversions. Make sure that you make the most out of your real estate company website with the help of these tips.

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