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Are you looking for ways to generate better leads by using Google to push your business to the top? Google Adwords in Abu Dhabi is an online advertising platform developed by Google in order to help the business corporations and brands to market their products and services on multiple social socials and increase their customer outreach by ranking higher on Google search engine. This is an effective way to generate higher inorganic leads by investing money only when the customer clicks at your advertisement.

10x Digital is a leading name when it comes to PPC management in Abu Dhabi. We are the specialists in building the most effective, comprehensive and highly optimized Google Adwords Abu Dhabi campaigns for the big and small companies and brands based within the city and beyond. We help you rank higher at Google and other search engine platforms by integrating the most popular keywords, designing premier marketing and Google Ad campaigns and analyzing the top digital trends in order to connect you with your target audience and generate leads that can be converted into your future potential customers and clients.

We Specialize in Generating Leads and Improving Customer Retention for Your Brands Using Expert PPC Management in Abu Dhabi

Using Pay Per Click in Abu Dhabi, you can build excellent digital marketing campaigns that require minimum investment but generate the maximum revenues. At 10x Digital we specialize in PPC management in Abu Dhabi. This means that we take the full responsibility of creating a powerful and consumer focused advertisement campaign for your company that reaches your target audience at the right time in the right way and helps generate ROIs for your brand.


We tailor Google Adwords Abu Dhabi solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements, help you attain your business goals and increase your customer retention as well as your brand recognition.  We have built a world class team of top professionals and PPC Abu Dhabi specialists who observe your business data and analytics, research your market, targeted audience needs and customer behaviours and purchase patterns, analyze the popular digital trends, create customer-centric advertisement strategies, generate highly optimized ads, remarket your content across Google Display Network and provide regular track reports to our clients.

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Google Ads Service Highlights

Search Network Ads
Get them to click your ad as soon as they see it.
Display Network Ads
Reach your target audience by appearing ads on their platforms
Ecommerce Ads
Publishing campaigns that attract customers to buy through internet
Remarketing Ads
Increase your brand awareness and connect with people who previously interacted with your website
Landing Page Development
Highly relevant page to your ad that will drive more conversion in lower costs
Conversion Tracking
Track visitors action towards the website

We Are Thorough Experts of Google Adwords in Abu Dhabi

Our team offers the best possible solutions to facilitate you with the most effective Google Adwords and PPC Abu Dhabi campaigns which are designed in order to increase your online presence.

Why Choose 10x Digital for PPC Management in Abu Dhabi?

There are many adverting companies available within the UAE that are offering Pay Per Click Abu Dhabi services, but there is very little difference between them. You can easily hire someone who works for a lower price and has less knowledge about the latest trends in digital marketing. This may not be cost-effective because you will not benefit from higher ROI, quality traffic or better lead generation strategies. Large businesses usually prefer to work with experienced agencies that understand their needs and provide them with excellent customer service along with creative and unique social media strategies. At 10x Digital, we make sure that our PPC management in Abu Dhabi proves to be an effective advertising channel for our clients and increases their business profitability.

We have a team of exceptionally talented individuals who are experts in Google Adwords, Search Network Ads, Ecommerce Ads, Remarketing ads and other advertising platforms. We work with several small businesses to large corporations in order to achieve their digital marketing goals effectively. We invest our time and resources in understanding your brand’s requirements thoroughly and then build a high quality digital marketing plan that can give you the best possible results from the start till the end.

Promote Your Brand with PPC Abu Dhabi

Our campaign strategies not only focus on generating online leads via Google, but also to promote your brand name by bringing it into the notice of potential customers through different search related keywords which drive more traffic to your site. We are NOT just an ad agency that designs the Google Adwords ads, posts them on several platforms and lets you monitor its progress. Our approach is completely different as we focus on making your brand stand out from the rest of the brands within your industry by using various strategies.

We work with our clients closely to understand their business requirements and then create a customized digital marketing plan according to these needs in order to promote your corporate name effectively both online and offline. Our team believes in creating long-term relationships with our clients instead of just focusing on generating leads via Google Adwords or some other advertising platform for quick results.

Highly Effective Services of Google Adwords Abu Dhabi

Our PPC management services are very effective at integrating high quality keywords so that you will not have to pay for those irrelevant keywords which lead to a low ROI. Using our Pay Per Click Abu Dhabi services can significantly increase your website traffic and conversions thus improving your marketing strategies.

Our services include:

  • Establishment of web presence for your brand
  • Build online marketing strategies that work best for you and help bring more leads, sales and ultimately profits to your business
  • Attracting traffic through Google Adwords PPC Abu Dhabi campaigns so that we can bring potential customers to your site and improve brand name recall
  • Increase in organic rankings and conversion rates through expert SEM & SEO services
  • Providing you with the best possible advertising solutions using the latest technology available, such as ‘Real Time Bidding’ (RTB) within PPC. This will help you monitor your PPC campaign on an ongoing basis, improve the overall quality of traffic that your site receives and increase your ROI.
  • We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our work ethic. We care for our clients so much so that you will not be disappointed with the final results of our services. If you want to grow your business by leaps and bounds, give us a chance to prove ourselves by making use of our best PPC management Abu Dhabi services!

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Connect to us today for expert digital marketing solutions in Abu Dhabi. For further details, feel free to contact us at our hotline. Call us

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