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Love it or loathe it, social media is a big part of modern marketing

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Creating a strong social media presence is important for acquiring success and recognition as a brand especially during the current hyper digitized times where the number of your followers, views, likes and shares determine the course of your company’s future. Staying active on your social sites and producing engaging and interactive content not only increases your visibility, credibility and brand awareness but also generates convertible leads, draws traffic to your website, increases customer retention and ROIs and improves social conversations with your target audience.

10x Digital is a leading social media agency in Abu Dhabi that specializes in providing expert social media marketing in Abu Dhabi and content generation services to the leading brands and corporate companies within the city and beyond. Whether you are a Small to Medium scale Enterprise or a multinational brand, our expert team at 10x Digital can help you stay at the top of your social media game and connect with your target audience on all the popular social media sites on the web!

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Why Should You Hire Social Media Agency in Abu Dhabi?

Some firms make the mistake of believing it’s a simple task that doesn’t require much attention – but this is far from the case!

New clients might be lost fast if you don’t reply to their message or feedback. People may believe you aren’t open or taking orders if you haven’t shared a post in a while.

A social media agency in Abu Dhabi can assist you in creating and sharing consistent, optimized content, as well as interacting with your present followers and attracting new ones. Plus, onboarding with one is generally faster, less expensive, and easier than recruiting a new employee.

A social media agency offers the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to boost revenue, brand recognition, or both.

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Why You Should be Hiring a Social Media Company

  • Save money: In today’s time who doesn’t want to save money. By hiring an agency that specializes in social media marketing, cannot only help you save money but also provide your company with a top notch social media presence. Furthermore, you also have to subscribe to a lot tools for social media marketing. To have an access to a lot of features, most of these tools require premium accounts. When you take the help of professionals, they can manage the payments by subscribing to only necessary features.
  • Build Brand recognition: We at 10x Digital guarantee that your brand image remains constant. We accomplish this by regularly utilizing visual components on your website or site to imprint the picture in the audience’s thoughts. These elements, as well as backlinking and keyword ranking, are frequently the starting points for content marketing. Brand recognition is a difficult endeavor, but we can make these parts of your organization much easier in Abu Dhabi.
  • Obtain a competitive advantage: Social media platforms rapidly change, and to remain on top of the game, companies need to maximize the trends to gain a competitive edge and satisfy their customer needs.
  • Get Your Hands On High-Performing Content: Content marketing is the King of Social media. Without accurate and good content, your businesses will never be able to prosper. To be a leader in your industry, you must be aware of the kind of material that will get the most engagement. When you hire a social media company, you’ll have access to high-performing content that will help you generate buzz and advertise your company more effectively.

Social Media Services We Offer

Community Management

Community management is to give the company a voice, tone, personality, and a new figure on how companies use an online presence to engage with customers and boost interactions, which leads to increased revenue.

Content Marketing

Create valuable, relevant and trend setting content that creates a buzz in the industry which leads to brand recognition, brand awareness and high revenues.

Social Media Advertising

10x Digital can help your generate leads, revenue or website traffic by advertising your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Brand Launch and Building

10x Digital is a leading brand launch & building solution social media agency in Abu Dhabi with extensive experience to its credit. Trust us to launch and build your brand in a manner that creates that WOW factor and reach a larger audience in Abu Dhabi.

Brand Guidelines

If you are in the phase of still thinking how the visuals of your brand on social media channels will look like, or you are looking for revamping your feed we can help with that. We can create Brand guidelines that include a color palette, typography and images to help your feed look the best and attractive.

Reports and Analysis

Everything we analyze is presented to you at the end of the month, ensuring that you are constantly up to date and informed. Data is critical to any digital endeavor, therefore we strive to get as much value as possible from our data in order to improve things for you in the future.

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